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ABSURDITIES may be referred as Eatmersive Pte Ltd (legal company)

Overview:  The following terms and conditions apply to all Eatmersive Pte Ltd experiences (“Experiences”) provided by Eatmersive Pte Ltd (“EATMERSIVE”).


  1. You must be over 13 years old to book & attend an EATMERSIVE Experience.

  2. Once booked, tickets are non-refundable. Bookings are non-exchangeable (for another date). 

  3. All bookings for the Experiences must be made through the Booking Service by filling in the relevant information (the “Booking Form”). You represent and warrant that all information provided by you, whether for yourself or on behalf of another participant, through the submission of a Booking Form is accurate, true, not misleading and up-to-date. 

  4. EATMERSIVE has the sole and absolute discretion to elect to accept or reject any Booking Form received. Confirmations are issued subject to availability. 

  5. Admission to the Experience is subject to you having been issued with a written confirmation of acceptance by EATMERSIVE (a “Confirmation”) of the booking made by you for the Experience. The Confirmation may be issued either in the form of an email sent to the email address provided by you and/or through the relevant booking service utilised by EATMERSIVE from time to time (the “Booking Service”). 

  6. You acknowledge that the Booking Service may be provided by a third party and agree to abide by any terms of service governing your use of any third party’s platforms and/or booking services. 

  7. By submitting a booking for the Experience, you agree, on your own behalf and on behalf of such persons for whom you are procuring access to the Experience (each a “Participant”), to abide by the Terms and Conditions. 

  8. The Terms and Conditions and the Confirmation shall apply to every Participant.

  9. We endeavour to ensure that the information displayed on the website (the “Website”) is current and accurate. We reserve the right to make changes to the same without prior notice and shall not be held liable for any errors or inaccuracies thereto.

  10. We will notify you as soon as practicable if there are any unforeseen or extenuating circumstances making it necessary or advisable for EATMERSIVE to cancel, postpone, relocate or make any changes to the Experience, including for any legal, safety and/or public health reasons. 




  1. It is each Participant's responsibility to check and verify the accuracy of all personal particulars, as well as the date and time of the Experience booked as reflected on the Confirmation received. EATMERSIVE will not be responsible for any losses, expenses or claims arising out of any errors, mistakes and inaccuracies in the information provided by you on the Booking Form or reflected on the Confirmation (including the erroneous provision of email addresses and/or other contact information and personal data).

  2. You expressly acknowledge that EATMERSIVE has the right to deny entry to the Experience where it has a reason to suspect that a customer is not the relevant Participant as presented on the Confirmation (whether as a result of mismatched personal particulars or otherwise). 

  3. Your tickets may be passed to friends if you are unable to attend the Experience but you must notify EATMERSIVE 72 hours in advance of name changes & dietary preferences. Kindly refer to the FAQ for details.



  1. EATMERSIVE reserves the right to conduct compliance checks to ensure that all guests are of the prevailing legal drinking age (for Experiences involving alcohol) and for general health, safety and security purposes, and may deny entry to guests whom it has reason to believe is not of legal drinking age and/or may pose a health, safety or security risk to other persons at the Experience. 

  2. Kindly be informed that health and safety measures as may be required by the prevailing applicable laws such as COVID-19 regulations (including without limitation mask-wearing, verification of vaccination status and safe-distancing measures) will be implemented by EATMERSIVE. EATMERSIVE also reserves the right to implement such other measures as we deem to be necessary and appropriate in order to comply with any laws or regulations that may be in force from time to time and to ensure the health and safety of our guests.

  3. If you are running late, you must inform EATMERSIVE as soon as is practicable. Late arrivals may forfeit first courses and admittance is at EATMERSIVE's discretion. 

  4. If you are late for an Experience and are therefore refused access you will not be entitled to a refund. 

  5. Once your ticket is booked you will receive the exact location 24 hours before hand via email on the afternoon/evening of the Experience (depending on the time you have signed up for). Please remember to check your mobile phones and inform us if you have changed your contact details after you have booked the tickets! 



  1. The price of the admission to the Experience shall be stated on the Booking Form you have submitted on the Booking Service, including any applicable GST at the prevailing rates (the “Price”). You acknowledge that the Confirmation will only be issued to you upon EATMERSIVE having received payment of the Price through such payment channels as may be provided through the Booking Service or otherwise notified to you in writing by EATMERSIVE



  1. The menu at an EATMERSIVE experience is set and EATMERSIVE is not obliged to provide alternatives, however EATMERSIVE will endeavour to accommodate your dietary preferences if supplied at least 72 hours in advance. 

  2. Any allergies and intolerances of each Participant shall be clearly notified to EATMERSIVE in the Booking Form submitted. Although EATMERSIVE will make every effort to accommodate food allergies, EATMERSIVE shall not be liable for any inability or failure to accommodate for such allergies and intolerances howsoever arising. All meals are prepared in the same kitchen and therefore no guarantee can be given. Please note our food is produced in kitchens that handle nuts, so meals are not suitable for people with severe nut allergies. 

  3. EATMERSIVE may provide and supply alcoholic beverages for on-site consumption by Participants. Any alcoholic beverages supplied shall be of satisfactory quality and reasonably fit for consumption. Any other warranties and liabilities of EATMERSIVE, are hereby excluded to the maximum extent permitted by law. 



  1. You acknowledge and agree that, regardless of the type of action, whether in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise, in no event shall EATMERSIVE or its related companies or affiliates, including EATMERSIVE’s officers, directors, employees, successors and assigns, be liable to you or any other party for any direct or indirect loss, damage, cost, expense or liability of any kind arising in any way out of or in connection with the Experience, including any indirect, special, exemplary, punitive, incidental or consequential loss. The extent of EATMERSIVE's liability to you shall in no circumstances exceed the price of the ticket.

  2. EATMERSIVE reserves the right to cancel or change the time or date of any Experience at their discretion. If EATMERSIVE changes the time or date of your booking, EATMERSIVE will give you an opportunity to cancel your booking and will refund in credits of the ticket price only. 

  3. EATMERSIVE may alter, add, withdraw or substitute artists and/or the advertised details for an Experience, seating arrangements and audience capacity without prior notice. 

  4. EATMERSIVE will not be liable for any additional costs, losses or expenses resulting from any cancellation of the experience or any change to its time or date. 

  5. EATMERSIVE will not be liable or responsible for any failure to perform, or delay in performance of, any of our obligations under the Terms and Conditions that is caused by events beyond its reasonable control, including without limitation civil unrest, foreign invasion, insurrection, hostilities, natural disasters, lockdowns, government regulations or acts, strikes, pandemic, epidemic (each a “Force Majeure Event”). EATMERSIVE’s obligations under the Terms and Conditions and in respect of the Experience shall deemed to be suspended for the period that the Force Majeure Event continues. EATMERSIVE shall use reasonable endeavours to minimise the effect of the Force Majeure Event on the Experience. To the extent that a Force Majeure Event results in a need to postpone, suspend or relocate the Experience, EATMERSIVE shall endeavour to provide a suitable alternative arrangement for the Experience but in no case shall EATMERSIVE be liable for the cancellation of an Experience arising from or resulting from the occurrence and/or subsistence of a Force Majeure Event.

  6. In order to fully immerse the guests in the unique dining experience, some experiences may require guests to perform certain light physical activity (e.g. crawling, jumping, dancing, etc), and certain performances may involve light and sound effects (e.g. strobing or flashing lights, loud sounds or music, etc). Kindly contact our staff on any medical condition you may have before purchasing any tickets, as tickets sold are non-refundable. 

  7. You agree to and shall indemnify and hold harmless EATMERSIVE for (i) any damage to any of your personal property, and (ii) any injury, sickness or death, arising out of or during or in relation to an EATMERSIVE experience, unless due to the gross negligence or wilful misconduct of EATMERSIVE. 

  8. For the safety of our guests and actors, EATMERSIVE reserves the right to refuse admission or remove any guest(s) from the experience if their behaviour is likely to cause offence, put staff or other guests at risk or create a nuisance to other guests or staff, without any refund for the relevant Price paid.   

  9. You agree to being filmed, photographed, referenced and recorded for television, radio, webcast, social media and in any other medium, including written format and/or by any CCTV cameras and recordings operated by or on behalf of and made by or on behalf of EATMERSIVE, and agree to waive any rights arising under the laws of any jurisdiction. You grant to EATMERSIVE and its related companies an irrevocable, worldwide, royalty-free licence to make such use of your name, voice, biography and likeness in any media and any recording, filming or photography of the Experience as EATMERSIVE may reasonably require in connection with the exploitation, advertising and promotion of the Experience and/or its other product and/or service offerings.

  10. All intellectual property rights in all materials published or otherwise made available as part of the Experience (including but not limited to any audio or audio-visual recording of the Experience) (“Content”) shall be the property of EATMERSIVE or that of such third party having granted a licence to EATMERSIVE to use the same. No republication, broadcast or other dissemination of the Content is permitted without EATMERSIVE's prior written approval. 

  11. Any change to these Terms and Conditions will not be valid unless made in writing and signed by our authorised representative and yourself. If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is held to be invalid or unenforceable in whole or in part, the validity of the remaining Terms and Conditions will not be affected. 

  12. These Terms and Conditions are governed by Singapore law and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Singapore courts. 

  13. You acknowledge that there is a global pandemic and that the government of Singapore can choose to stop EATMERSIVE from running this workshop till further notice. You understand that your ticket/s will not be refunded and will instead be valid for 1 year starting from the date of booking to be used to rebook a new show at the purchased value. 

  14. You hereby consent to the collection, use and disclosure of such personal data provided as part of the booking process as may be necessary or ancillary to the conduct of and your attendance at the Experience. Such personal data will be used by EATMERSIVE to administer the Experience you are attending and to provide you with information about other EATMERSIVE experiences. More information about how we handle personal data is available in our privacy policy.

Thank you for reading! You have been absolutely super. Now go and have the experience of your life at our dinners.

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